Preschool Payments and Fees

Reach for the Stars Early Learning and  Preschool gives each family introduced into our preschool program a two-week trial period. We want you to be secure in finding the best care for your family.

Reach for the Stars Early Learning and Preschool requires an enrollment fee of $50 once the trial period ends and the family is enrolled in our preschool program.

All payments are due the Friday before your family’s care period begins. We do offer weekly and reduced monthly payment plans. We do give discounts for multiple children and full-time care status.

DHS payments are gladly accepted.

Spot Holding Fee: $30/week

Full-time Status (20+ hours): $155 per week or $640 monthly

Late Payment Fee is $10/each day late

Late Pickup Fee is $1/minute late after 30 minutes late

Early Pickup Fee is $5 per day.

Reach for the Stars Early Learning and Preschool currently accepts cash, check, and major credit cards. Our client’s credit/debit cards are processed through our secure client system, Brightwheel. Please remember to give 2-3 business days for credit/debit processing so payment can reach us before care begins Monday.

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8 thoughts on “Preschool Payments and Fees”

  1. I’m curious if children have to be potty trained before they can attend your preschool and how much the weekly rate for a 2 year old is. Thanks!

    1. Hello Lindsay! We do not require your child to be fully potty-trained but we ask that families be ready to start the process. That could mean periods of sitting on the toilet for a toddler or trying out underwear for a preschooler. Potty-training is a big step and we want your child to have the greatest success!

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